Luna and Gilroy

Luna and Gilroy

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Surgery for Gilroy

November 2009 - Gilroy broke his beak, or what was left of it. I rushed him to Boulevard Pet Hospital, and the doctor took a look at him. He sniped off the remaining beak and said that Gilroy should be able to eat fine without the beak. He said that I could grind up his food and treats in a coffee grinder and offer that to him in his dish. We tried that while in the office and Gilroy obviously was very hungry. He ate voraciously at the powder.

I picked up a coffee grinder at Target and grinded his pellets and Avi Cakes all together and offered that to him. He has been eating normally since then.

I also got them a new wooden perch stand that is sold in the reptile section. They like to rip it apart and then stand on it.

Two weeks later he is eating and acting well. I don't know if his beak will grow back. I look at it each day.