Luna and Gilroy

Luna and Gilroy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yes indeed!

Luna and Gilroy seem very happy here in San Carlos. They are enjoying my husband's eclectic taste in music and they love spending time on the front deck under the awning. Joining in with the neighborhood songbirds seems to be one of their favorite pastimes. I love watching them groom each other and all the body language they use when communicating. I have never had birds before, so they're very mysterious to me...


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Luna and Gilroy in their New Temporary Home!

I finally made the trip up to Trinity County about one month ago to pick up Luna and Gilroy from my friend, Jean, who has been caring for them since the beginning of February.

When I saw them for the first time, they looked great. Gilroy did have a small bump on his beak. Jean said it had just showed up that morning. We stayed at a campground that evening and then made the seven hour drive back home the next day.

I email Chris to let her know that I wouldn't be able to bring the birds by because I needed to take Gilroy to a vet to have him checked out.

I called a local bird vet and made an appointment for them to see Gilroy that Saturday morning. The doctor at Blvd Pet Hospital in Castro Valley looked at him and he said that the tumor would have to be removed. They scheduled the surgery that afternoon. Since they closed that day at noon, Gilroy would have to stay until Monday.

I picked him up that morning. He had to have half his beak removed to hopefully get all the tumor cells. He appears to be eating and drinking fine.

I had to go to San Diego that next week for work, so I scheduled with Chris to bring him back on Friday, June 12. So far they are doing great.